Moritz Mähr

Moritz Mähr


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Since 2018, Moritz Mähr has been working as a scientific researcher at the Chair of the History of Technology at ETH Zurich and at the Collegium Helveticum.

Born in 1987 in St. Gallen, he studied Banking & Finance (BA UZH, 2011), Philosophy & History of Knowledge (MA ETH, 2014) and Computer Science in Zurich and Berlin and worked as CTO and project manager in the private sector. He is also board member of das Lamm.

At the Collegium Helveticum, Moritz Mähr works on Prof. David Gugerli’s Fellow Project Autonomies in the Digital Society. His research focuses on the history of technology, in particular the interactions between computers and administration.

He is a member of the transdisciplinary doctoral program Migration and Postcoloniality Meet Switzerland at the University of Fribourg.

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