Feinkornzone von im Vakuum verschweissten Armco-Eisenstäben. Aus: "Schweissversuche mit Elektronenstrahlen von Weichstahl- und Armco-Eisenstäben" (A.F.I.F. für Balzers AG, 1962). ETH-Hochschularchiv.


A thin affair 1935-1985

Rachele Delucchi

How did the heavenly, perfect and untouchable emptiness become the measurable, relative and usable vacuum?

The project examines this transformation, thus combining history of technology and history of science. It mobilizes pumps, evaporation coating systems, rockets, thin films, researchers, patent rights, international exhibitions and company catalogues. It explores the multiple translation acts that enabled trading a procedural border area between vacuum and matter over the course of the 20th century. 

The research is based on the archives of three main actors in research and industry in the field of vacuum technology and physics: the company Oerlikon Balzers, the Industrial Research Department of the Institute of Applied Physics at ETH, and CERN.


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