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Rachele Delucchi works since 2019 as research associate at the chair of history of technology at ETH.

Rachele Delucchi studied Italian Linguistics and Literature, Philosophy, French Linguistics and Mathematics at the University of Zurich (2009). She spent long research periods as UZH-Fellow at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa (Italy) and as SNF-Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. Rachele Delucchi received her Ph.D. in Italian Linguistics from the University of Zurich (2012) for her thesis on the phonetics and phonology of vowel harmony in the Italo-Romance languages from Switzerland. Her research has been awarded with the University of Zurich Annual Award 2013 of the Faculty of Arts, the Prix de la Relève 2013 of the Collegium Romanicum and the Migros Ticino Award 2013 for local and regional historical research. In 2015 Rachele Delucchi received the prize Premio Giovanni Nencioni from the Accademia della Crusca in Florence. Rachele Delucchi worked between 2008 and 2015 at the Chair for Italian Historical Linguistics at the University of Zurich Institute of Romance Studies as scientific assistant, lecturer and since 2012 as Post-Doc. She published on synchronic and diachronic issues in (italo)romance languages.

In her second master's degree at ETH she studied history of science and technology, philosophy and literature (Master in History and Philosophy of Knowledge, 2018). During her studies she has been working at the Chair of Philosophy at ETH as junior assistant (2015-2018). In her master's thesis she investigated the early history of pneumatic tube systems in Switzerland. Rachele Delucchi’s current research interests focus on several aspects of the history of technology and science in the 19th and 20th centuries in Switzerland. 

Publications (Selection)

  • Rachele Delucchi: Eine Nischenangelegenheit. Zur Geschichte der Stadtrohrpost in der Schweiz (ca. 1920-1927). Masterarbeit ETH Zürich. 2018 .
  • Rachele Delucchi: Tobias Scheidegger, „Petite Science“. Außeruniversitäre Naturforschung in der Schweiz um 1900. In: Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte 41 (1) 2018, 107 – 109.
  • Rachele Delucchi: Im Nationalpark. Über die Grenzen eines Naturparadieses. In: Avenue (4) 2017, 6 – 12.
  • Rachele Delucchi: Fonetica e fonologia dell’armonia vocalica: Esiti di -A nei dialetti della Svizzera italiana in prospettiva romanza. Tübingen: A. Francke Verlag 2016.
  • Rachele Delucchi: Vowel harmony and vowel reduction: The case of Swiss Italian dialects. In: Chundra Cathcart, I-Hsuan Chen, Greg Finley, Shinae Kang, Clare S. Sandy, Elise Stickles (Hg.): Proceedings of the 37th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Linguistics Society 2013, 61 – 75.
  • Alessandra Debanne, Rachele Delucchi: Sugli esiti di -L-, -R-, -RR-. La prospettiva italo-romanza settentrionale. In: Emil Casanova Herrero, Cesáreo Calvo Rigual (Hg.): Actas del XXVI congreso internacional de linguística y de filología románicas, Valencia 2010. Berlin: De Gruyter 2013, 579 – 592.
  • Rachele Delucchi, Francesco Cangemi, Michele Loporcaro: Sociolinguistics interpretation needs geography (and dialectology): final unstressed vowels in some southern Campanian dialects. In: Silvia Calamai, Chiara Celata, Luca Ciucci (Hg.): Proceedings of 'Sociophonetics, at the crossroads of speech variation, processing and communication'. Pisa: Edizioni della Normale 2012, 13 – 16.
  • Francesco Cangemi, Rachele Delucchi, Michele Loporcaro, Stephan Schmid: Vocalismo finale atono „toscano“ nei dialetti del Vallo di Diano (SA). In: Francesco Cutugno, Pietro Maturi, Roberta Savy, Giovanni Abete, Iolanda Alfano (Hg.): Parlare con le persone, parlare alle macchine: la dimensione internazionale della comunicazione verbale. Torriana: EDK Editore 2011, 477 – 490.
  • Michele Loporcaro, Rachele Delucchi, Nadia Nocchi, Tania Paciaroni, Stephan Schmid: Schwa finali sull’Appennino emiliano. Il vocalismo del dialetto di Piandelagotti. In: Veronica Giordani, Valentina Bruseghini, Piero Cosi (Hg.): Scienze vocali e del linguaggio. Metodologie di Valutazione e Risorse linguistiche. Atti del 3° Convegno Nazionale AISV. Torriana: EDK 2006, 57 – 76.

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Teaching at ETH Zurich:

Fall Semester 2019: "History of Technology - Introductory course" (with Dr. Gisela Hürlimann, Dr. Ricky Wichum and Nick Schwery).

Teaching at University of Zurich:

Spring Semesters 2011, 2013, 2015: "Italian Historical Linguistics - Introductory course"

Rachele Delucchi


  • Research project "Vacuum. A thin history (1946-1986)". Presentation at the research colloquium of the institute of history, KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 23.01.2020.
  • "Eine ganze geheime Untergrundorganisation". Zur Geschichte der Zürcher Stadtrohrpost, lecture for the Antiquarische Gesellschaft Wetzikon, 27.02.2020.

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